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Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Silabus ALK-1


Identifikasi Mata Kuliah

Mata Kuliah : Analisa Laporan Keuangan-1
Jurusan : S1 Akuntansi
Semester : VI
Dosen Pengampu : M. Agus Sudrajat, SE

Course Description
Financial Statement Analysis is the art and science of examining the components of a company's monetary disclosures, called financial statements. It aims to help develop your ability to critically evaluate corporate financial representation and related information with form opinion about a firm's past, present and futures operation.

Course Objectives
To make the students to be able to analyse the unbiased reports and give them the meaning, and to learn how to mine rich veins of corporate discloses and turn them into a mother lode of knowledge. The students also would be trained to analyze historical results, interpret current operations, and forecast future performance

1.Introduction + Silabus
2.Ruang Lingkup Laporang Keuangan
3.Laporan Keuangan yang dibandingkan
4.Analisis trend dan Analisis Common Size Statement
5.Analisis Ratio Keuangan
6.Analisis Sumber dan Penggunaan Modal Kerja
7.Analisis sumber dan Penggunaan Kas
9.Analisis Perubahan Pendapatan
10.Analisis BEP (Break Even Point)
11.Analisis Keputusan Investasi Modal-1
12.Analisis Keputusan Investasi Modal-2
13.Biaya Modal Leverage dan Struktur Modal-1
14.Biaya Modal Leverage dan Struktur Modal-2
15.Analisis pilihan Pembiayaan

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